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GWTF (Live Instrumental 1/1/18)


After over 6 years of GO W/ THE FLOW performances around the country, Im VERY excited to finally share this live “GWTF” album on all major platforms for your streaming pleasure. It was originally captured at our epic New Year’s Day class at Top of The Market in downtown Dayton, but Bobby Trick and I spent the last few months editing, refining and mixing it so that it flows in your earbuds and boomboxes as well as it did for all the yogis that night, and all y’all that have helped make this music, this project and my career what it is today!! My hope is that this new offering will extend far beyond the yoga mat into your wonderful lives. Enjoy, repeat, share, repeat, and (of course) #gowtheflow!

🙏 namaste,



(Available worldwide (6/11/18)

Extrapolated from a GWTF yoga class on January 1st 2018, this live recording features my musical mindset in an hour-long solo musical unlike anything you've heard before. Improvised layered guitar riffs, beatboxed grooves and lush vocal soundscapes build and envelope you in a tonal space that resembles hip-hop, dance, pop & world. Each of the 11 tracks seamlessly transition over the course of the album emulating the arc and dynamics of a power vinyasa yoga flow, but will hopefully become the soundtrack to your favorite listening activities. 


©2018 Journeyman Productions


“GWTF” is written and performed by Benjamin J S Rivet


Recorded and Engineered by Bobby Trick


Mixed and Mastered by Bobby Trick / Benjamin J S Rivet