Journeyman - Single

To celebrate my 33rd birthday and launch the next phase of my singer-songwriter project BJSR, I released a new pop single. “Journeyman” is a song I started writing over 10 years ago while at a Bob Dylan concert in Dayton right after I graduated college and was considering making music for a living. The economy was in free fall and I had an extremely expensive diploma and no idea how to use it. I remember thinking 🤔 💭 “if this guy can do it...”  Just goes to show you what a little optimism and perseverance can do for a person. Fast forward to right now and the internet has given me the opportunity to share a melody I’ve had stuck in my head for a decade (and would love to get stuck in yours). 🎧 🔂 📝 I originally started tracking and arranging this tune in 2012 with Josh Gonzalez, Jon Arnold and Joseph Barker. GO W/ THE FLOW started to pop and Tori Reynolds and I rode that wave around the country until 2016 when we opened Speakeasy Yoga and i launched Journeyman Productions. In November of 2017 Ronnie Pinnell and I dove back into the project with fresh ears and 5 years of tricks up our sleeves. We recorded vocals in April 2018 and have been mixing and refining all Summer and Fall. Excited for the entire project to be out soon, but for now enjoy a little taste of the new music to come..

Here’s to taking your time and enjoying the journey! 🌈✌🏻😑


Written and Produced by Benjamin J S Rivet

Don’t worry, Baby, If I don’t come home with no dime

Don’t worry, Baby, I’m going to do it next time.

Because I got the rhythm and you know I got the rhyme

I'm going to do it next time.

Because a Journeyman grows, Oh, a journeyman grows.

A Journeyman grows, and I’m a journey man.

I'm a jack of all trades, but I'm a master of none.

You might make more money, buddy, but you know I have more fun.

Because when I start something you know I’m going to get the job done.

Because a Journeyman shows, Oh, a journeyman shows.

A Journeyman shows, and I’m a journey man.

And I’ll take my time and I’ll take my chances on you

Over and over and again.

And I’ll take my time and I’ll take my chances on you

Im going to love you till the end.

Cus a Journeyman Knows, Oh, a journeyman knows.

A Journeyman knows, and I’m a journey man.

Only thing he don't know, is the next place he gonna go.


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar: Benjamin Rivet

Electric Guitar, Organ, Piano: Joseph Barker

Drums, Shaker: Josh Gonza lez

Bass: Jon Arnold

Mixed & Mastered By Ronnie Pinnell


Juggy Barker, Connor Smith, Chip Christy, Ronnie Pinnell

© 2018 Journeyman Productions